Janet Pope has a wide range of experience and knowledge about project financing. She is skilled and experienced with multiple capital and operations tools as well as portfolio management.

She led a team that established Asset Management standards and systems for a large Minnesota nonprofit that grew from 2500 to 4000 units during her tenure.  In addition, she has analyzed and recommending improvements and refinancings for smaller portfolios.

With a unique combination of experience in development, housing cooperative training and group facilitation she is particularly skilled at coordinating the efforts of team members throughout the development process, securing project funding and problem solving.

Janet has a B.A. from Grinnell College and and a Masters in Organizational and Human Resource Development from the University of Minnesota.


Ted Benson has assembled funding proposals, monitored pre-development expenses and coordinated construction oversight and draw preparation for multiple projects with a variety of funding sources.

Preparing operating budget and replacement reserve projections with an eye toward balancing funds for the long term physcial needs of projects is a particular focus for him.

Ted has a Bachelor of Science degree in Housing from the University of Minnesota. In previous efforts he was a shop owner and glass artist.