Great Design

1. Expertise in Both Development AND Asset Management

The JLPope team is unique in the industry in the depth of its experience with both Project Development and Asset Management.  Our team can work with you to develop individual projects or oversee your entire portfolio.  And we can problem solve on everything in-between.

2. Framing the Critical Importance of Your Project

Making the case for your project by gathering information from your team, framing the needs in writing and linking to resources are particular passions of ours.  We are skilled at helping you tell your story so that when funders review narratives and budgets the good work you are doing and the need for your project is highlighted.

3. Leadership and Mentoring

We are committed to de-mystifing the development process so you and your team, along with Board of Directors and Board Committees, fully understand the decision points and the benefits and risks of moving forward with your project.

4. Attention to Detail Now and For the Future

We can coordinate all facets of your project, and provide you with systems, contacts and materials for you to go forward with, helping build the capacity of your team and your organization.